Designed and made by listening to people's needs and desires, Elica products incorporate the essence of made in Italy in innovative solutions capable of meeting the food and home habits across the world.
The encounter and fusion of experiences and knowledge has made Elica a reliable company capable of meeting millions of customers all over the world.



Elica design center bases its designs on the person. Elica range hoods are conceived to communicate with people, to help them define the space of their own being and doing.
By observing movements in food preparation, Elica has designed useful and intuitive items that facilitate the use of space, define and decorate it, thus shaping and enhancing everyday actions.
Design in Elica is:

Absolute simplicity of lines, negation of the superfluous, essentiality as its guiding inspiration, subtraction as its key characteristic: these are the essential values to obtain a perfect form balance.
We make unique range hoods, characterized by unique finishes. The attention to every single detail makes Elica products symbols of the perfect combination of industrial manufacturing and manual knowhow.
We design and make high-performance design range hoods, whose purity of form becomes a distinctive feature. Technology and aesthetics are intended for easy, fast and intuitive interaction.
To design means "to look ahead", thus anticipating needs and desires of people from all over the world. We believe in tradition and in future, and bring together crafts and industry, in a constantly evolving dimension guided by research.
Technology and design to offer new sensory stimuli, capable of arousing timeless emotions. New forms and shapes, new colours and materials for range hoods marked by strong structural and design sensitivity.



Reliability, high performance, ease of installation and energy efficiency: these are the key concepts that have always guided Elica technological research.
When shifting the point of view from the object to the person, new suction, lighting and interaction systems can be designed to simply meet concrete requirements of use.

Models with exceptionally high suction performance, which are ideal for large kitchens or cooking habits that require intensive sessions of boiling, frying and grilling.
These range hoods have an air outlet both at their top and at their rear.
The classical upper outlet is indicated for both recirculating and duct-out operation with exposed flue.
The innovative rear outlet allows duct-out operation, by connecting the hood to a fume exhaust duct inside the wall, on which the hood will be installed.
The extractor hoods equipped with Elica Deep Silence system (EDS3) are the quietest in the world. The technology used ensures extremely quiet operation, so much so that you won't even hear it at low speed. The system reduces household noise pollution by over 35% compared to traditional extractor hoods, without compromising suction performance.
Elica hoods equipped with the new, exclusive Elica filter, protected by an international patent, ensure a filtering capability never achieved before. A technology that allows reaching over 98%* filtering efficiency, certified in Class A by the new energy label of the European Union, against the current filtering efficiency level of traditional extractor hoods, which reaches about 70-80%.
*Maximum level that may differ depending on motors and structural shapes of the hood.
An innovative and unique odour filter with high efficiency level, capable of reconditioning and lasting up to 3 years, compared to standard filters whose average service life is 3 to 6 months.
In order to keep such characteristics, the filter should be washed every 2 or 3 months with hot water and a delicate detergent or in the dishwasher at 65°C. After finishing washing and removing excess water, the filter can be dried in the oven for 10 minutes at 100°C.
Whether you want to see, play, cook or live, lighting is a vital ingredient. All Elica hoods illuminate the cooktop effectively, but the hoods equipped with "Ambient Light" also provide diffused lighting for the surrounding environment.
Giving you an extra light source for both practicality and atmosphere.
Products equipped with Easy Installation are designed to simplify the installation of a product, whether it is wall-mounted, by subsequent adjustment to align the product between the wall units, or built-in, through simple phases.
The low power consumption of Elica products is ensured by the innovative system Synairgy and the control interface Chef Control.
Synairgy is the world's most efficient suction system for extractor hoods, and it will reduce your carbon footprint by cutting electricity consumption by 50% compared to traditional hoods. Synairgy combines, in perfect synergy, a low-noise electrical system with an intelligent electronic control system that can adjust itself automatically.
Chef Control is the innovative digital control that sets optimum suction according to the type of cooking. What's more, the special Silent and Booster functions immediately cater for the most common needs: minimum noise for unobtrusive operation or maximum power to extract particularly intense fumes or vapours.
These products are equipped with LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting systems. LEDs provide optimum cooktop lighting to facilitate food preparation.
What's more, they last up to 10 times longer than conventional bulbs and deliver energy savings of 90%.


All products are tested in Elica Techlab, in compliance with the strictest international standards. Established in 1988, located in Serra San Quirico (An) and designed according to the "standard uni en iso 17025", Elica Techlab is the only one in the world dedicated to range hoods, certified by "UL International Demko".
Moreover, it is the only one in Italy, and among a few in Europe, capable of making specific tests, especially in the field of acoustics. Tangible results can be obtained with the patents EDS3 (Elica Deep Silence) and EDS 3 Plus, which have allowed reducing noise levels of the hoods up to 40%.
In 2013 the laboratory was awarded with the accreditation "Accredia-Ilac", an Italian accreditation authority and the only national body authorized by the state to carry out this activity. Accreditation is the formal and substantial recognition of the technical expertise of Elica Techlab relating to specific activities of certification, inspection, testing and calibration, which are functional to the issue of certificates valid all over the world. Accreditation also guarantees the competence, independence, impartiality and transparency of the activities carried out by the laboratory.
The mission of the laboratory is to ensure safety, reliability and achievement of the performance of all Elica products and components.



Contributing to sustainable development and reduction in emissions and consumption in production processes generates great performance while minimizing the impact on the environment.
Elica hoods generate free and clean air. Social responsibility is a primary commitment to the company, both towards the environment, the territory and people.


The technical skill of designers and the expertise of the team of technicians who assemble the products merge into a single element born of passion, attention to detail and innovation, which finds expression in the product installed in homes around the globe.
Passion for design and attention to quality give way to passion for the customer at the time of choice and purchase. All models undergo checks and laboratory tests to ensure: efficient suction, electrical safety, low noise and high reliability. At the end of the production line, checks are conducted on samples to ascertain functional, aesthetic and packaging quality. The focus on the quality of the product continues into distribution and delivery into homes.
Besides the manufacturer's conventional warranty, Elica offers the possibility to extend the warranty to 5 years, purchasing diversified service packages to extend the life of the product and avoid inconvenience caused by unexpected events.

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